30 years of service

After 30 years of service, our CEO Nina Pettersen was given a well deserved honour yesterday. She was one of the first employees in Betongbolt AS, a company which today is known as Pretec.

Founder and chairman Even Karlsen brought flowers and the Norwegian service medal for her long and great efforts for Pretec.

At the beginning, when the only two people in the company was Even and Nina, she was responsible for accounting, order processing and cleaning. Since that time she has tackled every possible challenge in her way.

– Nina deserves all the credit she can get. She has been with us through the entire journey, and she is very good at what I don’t do. I am very happy that Nina has been with us all these years and that her knowledge and work effort have stayed with the company. We would without doubt not have seen the level of success in Pretec without Nina.

From all of us in Pretec, congratulations on your anniversary, Nina!

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