Dýrafjarðargöng project

Dýrafjarðargöng project

Another successful project completely finished on Iceland. One of the largest single projects of the Icelandic road network.

The Pretec team are very proud to have contributed with our products for rock support and frost- and waterproofing.

Project description of Metrostav:

«The main purpose of this project is to ensure a problem-free, easy to maintain connection between the Dyrafjörður and Arnarfjörður fjords in the Western Fjords of Iceland. We have created an alternative winter route between Ísafjörður and Reykjavík, shortening the existing route by 27 km.

  • 5 301 meters of tunnel (T8 profile)
    • Cross section 55,59m2
    • 10 emergency bays
    • 15 appendixes
  • 7800 metres of new road constructions, including local roads and electro installations.

The tunnel was excavated and insulated by Metrostav, a.s,, whilst the road works were done by Joint Venture partner Suðurverk hf. All tunneling operations were carried out using the Drill & Blast method. Maximum overburden was over 700 meters. Tunnel was driven mostly in basaltic rock with few thicker sedimentary layers.

  • 402 meters – record excavation speed in one month
  • 111 meters – record excavation speed in one week
  • 68 meters – average excavation speed per week
  • Fulfilling all safety standards has been a main focus throughout the project

 Quote from customer:

“Pretec AS has been a reliable supplier of rock support and water- and frost accessories for this project, and delivering has been running smoothly”

We thank the good people in Metrostav for another great project.


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