Rebar female couplers PSA

Rebar female couplers PSA

Reinforcement coupler for mechanical splicing of reinforcement. This product meets the sleeve joint requirements in Statens Vegvesen handbook R762. The sleeve has a minimum 30% higher breaking load than the nominal flow capacity of the rebar (1.3 x ReH).

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Rebar couplers can also be produced in a wide range of types, dimensions and lengths in addition to different surface treatments.

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For technical information, please see product data sheet.


Product Data Sheet


Finished lengths


Article no Description
3410001 PSA-12-600 (Ø12/M16 l=600 Type I)
3410003 PSA-12-800 (Ø12/M16 l=800 Type I)
3410007 PSA-16-550 (Ø16/M20 l=550 Type I)
3410008 PSA-16-1020 (Ø16/M20 l=1020 Type I)
3410011 PSA-20-700 (Ø20/M24 l=700 Type I)
3410012 PSA-20-1280 (Ø20/M24 l=1280 Type I)
3410015 PSA-25-1000 (Ø25/M30 l=1000 Type I)
3410016 PSA-25-1500 (Ø25/M30 l=1500 TYPE I)
3410018 PSA-32-1400 (Ø32/M42 l=1400 TYPE I)
3410019 PSA-32-2300 (Ø32/M42 l=2300 TYPE I)

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