Duplex A4 cl. 80 EN 1.4462

Duplex A4 cl. 80 EN 1.4462

Threaded rods in duplex material EN 1.4462 (AISI 318LN) and tensile class 80.

  • All threaded rods have full traceability and we offer 3.1 certificates on demand.
  • All threaded rods are delivered in accordance with ISO 898-1. We can also offer, on request, ultrasonic testing of threaded rods as an extra quality control. The ultrasonic testing provides an extra securty against i.e rolling error (overlap) in the raw material.

We also offer cutting and chamfering of threaded rods for fast delivery in the exact length you need.


Thread cold rolled

Tensile strenght: min. 800 N/mm²

Yield strenght: min. 600 N/mm²

According to NS-EN ISO 3506-1

Use joint sleeve B1000R in the same material for joining threaded rods in stainless steel.

Other dimensions, material or threads than those listet below are offered on request.


Product Data Sheet


Article no. Description
1110123 HGS M16x2000 DIN 976 A4/EN 1.4462
1110124 HGS M20x3000 DIN 976 A4/EN 1.4462
1110141 HGS M24x3000 DIN 976 A4/EN 1.4462

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