Foundation bolts


Threaded rods used as foundation bolts are easily accessable in a wide variety of dimensions and steel qualities. Bolts can be delivered in plain, zinc plated, hot-dip galvanized and in Pc-Coat™ (HDG+powder coat) surfaces. Also avaliable are bolts in different stainless steel qualities.  Rods are usually achored only by adhesion to the concrete.

Our report 88-3259, made by Veritec (Veritas Offshore Technology and Services A/S), shows the calculations and capacity tables for threaded rods in dimensions M16-M64 used as foundation bolts. The report shows how concrete quality, steel quality, rod diameter, distance between bolts and distance from concrete edge are taken into account and gives the necessery anchroing length for the bolt in different dimensions, based only on adhesion between the bolt and the concrecte.

Steel quality

In Norway, steel in steelgrade 8.8 are often preferred as foundation bolts. Normally this steelgrade is easily available from stock in most dimensions and lenghts.

Bolts are delivered with mechanical specifications according to NS-EN 898-1, which means impact resistance are a minimum of 27J at -20°C (Charpy V). Normally this is a quality that are well suited for the cold norwegian climate.

If you where in need of foundation bolts with higher elongation and extraordinary impact resitance we can also offer bolts in steel quality 5.6/5.8 as an option.

All bolts can be delivered with material certificate according to NS-EN 10204 3.1.

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