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Hot-dip galvanizing, zinc and manganese phosphating and epoxy or polyester powder coating.


Pc-Coat is the Pretec Group’s trademarked Duplex system, a combination of hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating. This combination provides optimal protection for products that are exposed to the elements.

Pc-Coat offers unique durability and significantly extended product working life, particularly in corrosive environments.


Powder coating can be supplied in polyester for UV-exposed exterior use or epoxy for interior use. A wide range of colours is available, normally supplied as per RAL or NCS colour matching standards.
Epoxy coated products should not be stored / exposed outside when they cannot withstand UV radiation.

Technical information:

Hot-dip galvanizing is carried out in accordance with ISO 1461 or specified requirements.

Zinc and manganese phosphating, in combination with surface treatments such as hot-dip galvanizing followed by powder coating, provides optimal longevity for exposed products.

Pc-Coat complies with ISO 12944-2 requirements for corrosion category C5.

Powder coating is carried out in accordance with EN 13438.


The entire process – from inspection of incoming raw materials, mechanical production and coating and associated chemical processes, through to finished product – is carefully monitored by our quality-control team. All tests and inspections in conjunction with daily quality-assurance management are performed in our own laboratory.
Our operations are certified in accordance with: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EN 1090-1

Pc-Coat offers long-term corrosion protection and associated cost-effectiveness without any negative impact on the environment. The coating is environmentally friendly, and chemistry is water based, without volatile solvents or harmful hardeners. After the process is completed and the epoxy coating is cured, no evaporation of gases occurs. Pc-Coat are approved for use in constructions following BREEAM certification. An own declaration regarding BREEAM is available on request.


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