Invisible, but important

Barcode Oslo

Pretec deliver embedded precast products and mounting details for a number of players in the precast concrete industry and steel assembly industry in Norway. Our products are rarely those who are most visible, but they are an imporant part of the process to produce, lift, transport and securing the elements.

We are particullary proud of being the main supplier for Contiga, who are the leading supplier of support structures in Norway.

Together with Contiga, we have been a part of many prestige projects such as:


Located in Bjørvika, also called the Operaquarter, nine slim buildings tower above the ground with a minimum of twelve meter distance between each building – the Barcode. Contiga have built six of the nine buildings; PWC-building, KLP-building, Deloitte, Visma, DNB building B and DNB building C. The buildings holds more than 10.000 jobs and about 500 apartments.


Fornebu S, the shopping mall named Building of the Year in 2014

Contiga delivered 70.000m2 hole covers, 10.000m2 wall, 9000 ton colums and beams and 700 ton of steel. A huge project which was delivered on time. The building was awarded with Breeam Outstanding award.

Heart and lounge clinic at Gardermoen

The future hospital for heart and lounge patients from all over Norway. Total size of 30.000m2 and will be built as a low-energy house with energy class A.



We is also a supplier to other leading precast concrete producers, for example: Nor Element, Loe Betongelementer, Kynningsrud Prefab, Jaro, Spenncon, Elementpartner, Buskerud Betong, Bjørn Hansen, Element Nor, Opplandske Betongindustri, NOBI and more.

Fornebu senter

Fornebu senter

Fornebu senter

LHL klinikkene på Gardemoen

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