Girder clamps used in a big scale

Nor Tekstil, which has built one of the largest industrial dry cleaning facilities in Norway, will utilize 8,200 square meters of the total of 13,800 square meters.

Underneath the roof structure, a steel work structure has been established, designed to take loads from all the textiles to be hung and transported in the ceiling. Large parts of the laundry’s internal processes happens above floor level.

Inside, Pretec have supplied 6000 pieces of Lindapter Girder clamps of various types to Castor Autogen Mechanical, which were used to attach steel beams in the ceiling that holds the railways and machines hanging in the ceiling.

Pretec have also supplied steel construction bolts in accordance with EN 15048-1, threaded rods, expansion bolts, chemical fastening , shims and Hollo-bolts for Metacon, which are used to mount the main structure and the concrete hollow core deck.

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